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Fresh Roasted Coffee

All coffee is sold as whole bean only to maximize aromatics for your enjoyment.

  • Espresso Blend

    Easy to enjoy, with enough aromatic complexity for the aficionado.  Suitable for both espresso and brewed coffee.

    Tasting notes: medium to heavy body, balanced and sweet. More specificity is dependent on seasonality of coffee.

    Whole Bean only.

  • Andres’s Morning Cup Blend

    Light and balanced, smooth and enjoyable. Perfect first cup.

    Notes: medium body, fruit notes with enough body to keep you grounded. More specificity is dependent on seasonality of coffee.

    Whole Bean only.

  • Brazil Fazenda Rio Brilhante

    Tasting notes: hazelnut, milk chocolate, tangerine.

    Farm: Rio Brilhante
    Varietal: Catuai 99
    Process: Natural
    Altitude:1,050 meters above sea level
    Town / City: Coromandel
    Region: Cerrado
    Owner: Inacio Carlos Urban
    Farm Size: 2,350 hectares

  • El Salvador Finca La Esperanza (El Cascajal lot)

    Tasting notes: blackberry, blueberry, pineapple

    Farm: Finca Esperanza (El Cascajal tablon/lot)
    Varietal: Pacamara
    Processing: Natural
    Altitude: 1,600 meters above sea level
    Owner: Maria Pacas & Family
    Town: Canton el Porvenir, Municipio de Chalchuapa
    Region: Santa Ana
    Country: El Salvador
    Total size of farm: 87.5 hectares

    Whole Bean only.

  • Roaster’s Choice Weekly Subscription

    1lb of Fresh roasted coffee re-ordered and shipped weekly.

    $18.00 / Week

Our fresh roasted coffee is carefully chosen, in limited supply, and change seasonally. We do our best to sell in-season coffees. All orders ship on Monday*.

*if Monday is a holiday, it ships the following day

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